Family Counselling & Support Services for Guelph-Wellington

Services include:

  • Information – about services and resources
  • Counselling – for emotional support
  • Referral – to clinical and social supports
  • Coordination – obtaining assessments, service referrals, and consultation with other services
  • Advocacy – actively assisting and supporting clients to negotiate with others


Family Counselling & Support Services for Guelph-Wellington (FCSSGW) is a community-based, family service agency dedicated to strengthening and enriching people by providing counselling, advocacy, support, and educational services.  Founded in 1987, FCSSGW offers a wide range of counselling services for individuals, couples, and groups in the Guelph-Wellington region. FCSS is a not-for-profit organization.

FCSSGW provides a service coordination program to families or individuals with developmental disabilities or Autism Spectrum disorder. Service coordination, also known as Case Management, assists people to navigate and negotiate the developmental services system.  In addition, FCSSGW provides advocacy and information about your rights within the system and your responsibilities to manage your care and services.

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