Hopewell Children’s Homes

Services include:

  • Residential respite for periods ranging from 1 day to 1 month
  • Respite support for children and adults
  • Access to specialized behavioural supports through Trellis Mental Health & Development Services
  • A nurturing and supportive living environment adapted to individual needs
  • Free play & instructor-led programs and services for individuals of all ages
  • Camps for holidays, PD days, March Break, and summer vacation
  • Special events including teen dances & family days
  • Specialized adapted equipment for sensory play & gross motor/fine motor play


Families with children with special needs face unique and often lifelong challenges – challenges that are difficult to overcome – but the staff and volunteers at Hopewell envision a community where all individuals with special needs can experience life to the fullest in a supportive and caring environment. Through Stephanie Home, Ooster House and their Playsense Program, Hopewell provides residential, respite, and recreational programs for individuals with developmental, physical, and mental disabilities.

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