Kids Country Club

Services include:

  • Respite care providing a safe, secure, stimulating and fun out-of-home experience, complete with health care professionals, but without the hospital or institutional setting


Kids Country Club is a respite home in Cambridge run by Parents of Technologically Dependent Children of Ontario, an organization focused on serving families of children who have become very medically fragile or dependent on technology as a result of illness, accident or a genetic condition.

PTDC provides the type of care in their homes that is usually provided by health care professionals in hospitals or institutions, while offering families relief from day-to-day caregiving and stress, as well as an opportunity to rest, sleep, or be active with their other children who also need their attention.  Kids Country Club is fully staffed with RNs, RPNs, DSWs and PSWs.  Respite care for MFTD children is available for a variety of periods, including weekends, overnights, and week-long stays.

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